Domiciliary Care

Our Domiciliary care services enable individuals to maintain their independence and receive personalised care or the comfort of their own homes. This covers tasks such as, personal care, medication management, companionship, assistance with tasks of daily living. We understand that everyone’s needs are unique, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of Domiciliary care services including:

Mental Health: We provide ultimate comfort and support to the individuals going through different mental health conditions by helping them to perform everyday tasks flawlessly and access to services leaving a positive impact on the individual.

Dementia: There are several methods or tasks that can keep individuals happy. For instance, there are fun games and activities for the dementia patients that the professionals conduct on a regular basis. These activities leave a positive impact not only on the instant behaviour of the individuals but also show a gradual improvement in the overall lifestyle of the individual. As a result, individuals suffering from dementia feel way better and happier in life.

Sensory impairment: where we ensure through the most effective and sensitive way of communicating, risk is managed and other needs and demands met in a way that empowers the individual.

Physical Disabilities: our care and support team helps manage your day to day needs with dignity and respect. Live in care, Respite, and Hourlycare: where we provide a wide rangeof bespoke, relationship based homecare services that are designed to suit you and your needs. From hourly calls for companionship, personal care, and home help to 24hour live-in care, we can support you no matter how simple or complex your needs are.